How to Remove MS Word Password Using Word Password Remover

Cannot open a password protected Word document? There is no recovery option in Microsoft Word, but you can crack it with brute force. Brute force may take some time to crack the password. Here is a new way to solve this problem: Using Word Password Remover to quickly clear your Word document password. It can instantly remove password for Microsoft Word 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003/2002/2000/97 by online decryption service. The process may cost you a few seconds. Now, let’s see how it works.

1. Download and Install Word Password Remover full version(You can buy it online) on your computer and run it.

2. Import the Word document which you want to clear its password(s) by pressing the "Open" button.

Open the lost excel password file

When Open File Dialog pops up, navigate to the appropriate document and click "Open".

Select the lost excel password file

3. Click "Remove Password" button to remove the password, the program will decrypt the given document using Online document decryption service. Don't worry about any privacy being exposed, the decryption works on your computer and no data will be send to anywhere.

Start remove excel password

4. When successfully remove the password, Word Password Remover will prompt you that your File is decrypted successfully. Then you can click "Open" button open the decrypted document without password.

successfully remove excel password


In addition: How to Register Word Password Remover? It is easy. After you purchased the software, you will receive a mail with registration code in it. Just click Register button, type in your code and click OK. Then you can begin removing your target MS Word document password.

successfully remove excel password



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