How to Break Admin Password in Windows 8.1

“I forgot my Windows 8.1 administrator password and am unable to get into my computer. How can I break the administrator password without losing file? Really need to break into the locked computer that I don’t have any other admin account.”

As we know, we can create a Microsoft account to log into a Windows 8.1 computer even you have locked out of your local administrator. However, you cannot get access to your personal data in the local administrator. So, you need to break the local administrator password if you need to regain access to your personal data. Here are three easy tips for you.

Tip 1: Break Windows 8.1 Administrator Password with Free Password Reset Disk.

Tip 2: Break Windows 8.1 Administrator Password with Windows Password Rescuer.

Tip 3: Use Command Prompt to Break Windows 8.1 Administrator Password. (Use Ubuntu)

These three guides will teach you how to break into a locked Windows 8.1 computer by resetting the administrator password without login. Now, go on to read the detailed procedures given bellow.

Tip 1: Break Windows 8.1 Administrator Password with Free Password Reset Disk.

When you create a strong password for your Windows 8.1 administrator account, the best way to prevent forgetting the password is creating a free password reset disk. Windows will let you make a backup of a local user account details on the disk. When you lose the login password of the user account, you can use the password reset disk to reset the password without knowing it, without login. So, if you have previously created a password for your Windows 8.1 administrator account, now use it to break the administrator password easily.

Step 1: In Windows 8.1 login screen, select your administrator account and then enter a wrong password, then submit. It will tell you that the password you entered is incorrect. Click “OK” to go back to the login screen. A link for resetting password will be displayed under the password box.

Step 2: Now insert your password reset disk and then open the password reset link.

Step 3: Password reset wizard pops up. With help of this wizard, you are able to choose a new password for the administrator account easily. Now, click “Next”.

Step 4: Choose the password reset disk you inserted and then click “Next”.

Step 5: Type in a new password and confirm it. Click “Next”, the old password will be replaced with the new one.

Step 6: Close the password reset wizard and then you can sign in the administrator account with the new password.


Tip 2: Break Windows 8.1 Administrator Password with Windows Password Rescuer.

Forgot Windows 8.1 administrator password no reset disk? Fortunately, password reset disk is not the only way to get back into your administrator account. Windows Password Rescuer also can fix the password issue easily.

This is a professional Windows password breaker which can help break local/domain administrator password in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows server 201, 2016, 2012/R2, 2008/R2, 2003, etc. So, you can use it to break your Windows 8.1 administrator password and regain access to your computer without affecting your data. Please refer to the following procedure.

Step 1: Use another computer to install Windows Password Rescuer and create a password recovery disk.

1. On a working computer, download and install Windows Password Rescuer Personal. (From the following button, you can free download the trial version or purchase the full version.)

2. When finish installation, insert a CD/DVD or USB flash drive to the current computer and then launch Windows Password Rescuer Personal. Select “CD/DVD” or “USB Device” option. Here we are using a USB flash drive. So choose “USB Device”.

3. In the next screen, select the USB drive and then click “Begin Burning”. When a confirm message pops up, click “Yes”.

4. Windows Password Rescuer will complete burning automatically and create a password recovery disk for you within a minute. When it finished, unplug the USB.

Step 2: Use the USB to break Windows 8.1 administrator password on your locked computer.

1. Connect the USB to your locked computer. Turn on the computer and choose boot from USB. (Learn how to do this.)

2. Wait for the computer to load Windows Password Rescuer. A moment later, a friendly interface will be displayed on the screen. Just select your Windows 8.1 system and then select your administrator account from list.

3. To break the administrator password, click “Reset” button and then confirm it.

4. The unknown password will be removed and shown “Blank” in list.

5. Now you need to restart the computer to login: Click “Reboot”, unplug the USB and then select “Yes” on the confirm message.

6. PC restarts and then you can sign in to the administrator account without password.


Tip 3: Use Command Prompt to Break Windows 8.1 Administrator Password. (Use Ubuntu)

To use Command Prompt, you may need help of an official Windows 8/8.1 installation disk. Is there another way to open Command Prompt without using Windows 8 installation disk? Yes, you can use Ubuntu to do this. In this guide, I will show you how to Ubuntu OS to open Command Prompt in Windows 8.1 and then break administrator password with command.

Step 1: Create a Ubuntu Live CD/DVD: Free download Ubuntu Desktop from the official website -> Burn the downloaded ISO file on to a writable CD/DVD.

Step 2: Now, insert the Ubuntu Live CD/DVD to your Windows 8.1 computer. Reboot the computer from the disc. (If you don’t know how to boot from CD/DVD, read this tutorial.)

Step 3: When Ubuntu main menu appears on the screen, press Enter key on your keyboard.

Step 4: Wait for the computer to load Install screen. Select “Try Ubuntu” option.

Step 5: On the Ubuntu desktop, select folder icon – Other locations – the drive where your Windows installation is.

Step 6: Open Windows – System32 folder. Find the “Ultiman.exe” file and then rename it as “utilman.exe.old”. Make a copy of “cmd.exe”. Then rename the copy file as “utilman.exe”.

Step 7: Remove your Ubuntu Live CD/DVD and then restart the computer. When Windows 8.1 login screen appears, click “Ease of access” icon.

Step 8: Command window is open. Type “net user” and then press Enter key. All local user accounts of Windows 8.1 will be displayed.

Step 9: To reset your administrator password, type “net user administrator 123456” and then press Enter key.

Step 10: Close the command window and then use the new password to sign in the administrator account. Note: After that, you will need to boot the computer from the Ubuntu Live CD again and then go to the system32 folder. Delete the current Utilman.exe file and then rename “Utilman.exe.old” as “utilman.exe”.


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