How to Reset Windows 7 Password on Dell Laptop/Desktop Computer

Forgot Dell laptop password Windows 7 no reset disk? It is Easy now to reset forgotten Windows 7 password on a Dell computer includes laptop and desktop. This article will give you three awesome ways to reset Windows 7 admin password on any Dell computer without password reset disk.

No.1: Use Windows Password Rescuer Reset Windows 7 Admin Password on Any Dell Laptop and Desktop Computers.

No. 2: Reset Dell Laptop Password Windows 7 with Command Prompt.

No. 3: Use Super Administrator to Reset Dell Laptop Password Windows 7 in Safe Mode.

Tips in this article are working on any Dell laptop and desktop computers: Inspiron Series, Inspiron Gaming Series, XPS, Alienware Series, Latitude Series, Vostro Series, Precision Series etc.

No.1: Use Windows Password Rescuer to Reset Windows 7 Admin Password on Any Dell Laptop and Desktop Computers.

When you forgot Windows 7 admin password to your Dell laptop, the fastest way to unlock your Dell laptop is using a Windows 7 password reset disk to reset the forgotten password. However, a common password reset disk must be created before you forgetting your password. Fortunately, you can use Windows Password Rescuer to create a Windows 7 password reset disk at any time. This is currently the best way to reset forgotten Windows admin password without losing data, easily and safely. It also works perfectly for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Vista, XP and Windows server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2011, 2008, 2003 etc.

Step 1: Create a Windows 7 password recovery USB on another computer.

Windows Password Rescuer allows users to create a Windows password recovery disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive. An USB flash drive is recommended as it is easy to use and working on all most all computers.

1. Download and install Windows Password Rescuer on another available computer. Upon run the software, plug a blank USB flash drive into the computer and then choose “USB device”.

2. Your USB flash drive will be shown in drop-down list, select it and then click “Begin Burning” to create a Windows password recovery USB.

3. Once the burning process completes, unplug your USB and bring it to your Dell laptop.

Step 2: Boot your Dell laptop from USB device.

It is very easy. Plug the USB flash drive to your Dell laptop and power on. Once the startup screen appears, press F12 or Fn+F12 as soon as possible to open “Boot Menu”. Select your USB drive and press Enter to continue boot. (You also can change devices’ boot order in BIOS SETUP to make your laptop to boot from USB)

Step 3: Quickly reset Windows 7 admin password and then log into your locked Dell laptop without password.

Once your Dell laptop boot from USB and load Windows Password Rescuer. All Windows system and user accounts will be shown in list and now you are able to reset any Windows 7 user account’s password with a few clicks.

1. Click “Windows 7” in system list.

2. Click “Administrator” or another user account in user list.

3. Click “Reset password”, when a confirm message pops up, click Yes.

4. You have successfully reset Windows 7 administrator password to blank.

5. Click “Reboot”, when a confirm message pops up, click “Yes” to restart your Dell laptop.

6. After that, you can log into your Dell Windows 7 without password.

7. Don’t forget to create a new password to protect your admin account.


No. 2: Reset Dell Laptop Password Windows 7 with Command Prompt.

If you have a Windows 7 installation disk, you can use it to copy utilman.exe and reset your Windows 7 admin password with Command prompt. If you don’t have it at all, just follow this tutorial to create Windows 7 installation disk with DVD/USB flash drive by using Microsoft Windows DVD/USB Download Tool.

So what? Go through the steps bellow to reset Windows 7 password on your Dell laptop.

1. Insert the Windows 7 installation disk to your locked Dell laptop.

2. Boot the laptop from DVD/USB. (Take DVD for example)

3. Once Windows 7 setup screen comes out, select right language and then click “Next”.

4. Click “Repair your computer” at the bottom of the screen.

5. Select Windows 7 partition (D:) and click “Next”.

6. Select “Command Prompt” from system recovery options.

7. Run the following command to copy “sethc.exe” and restart your Dell laptop.(If your Windows system was in C drive, replace D with C in following coommand)

1) Type “copy d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe d:\” and hit Enter.

2) Type “copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\” and hit Enter.

3) Type “copy d:\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\sethc.exe” and hit Enter.

4) It will ask you if override it, type “yes” and hit Enter to confirm that.

5) Type “wpeutil reboot” and hit Enter to restart you Dell laptop.

8. Once Windows 7 login screen appears, hit “Shift” key five times to run cmd and then run the following command to reset Windows 7 admin password on your Dell laptop.

1) Type “net user” and hit Enter to show all user accounts of Windows 7.

2) Type “net user TONY 123456” and hot Enter to reset TONY’s password to 123456.

9. Now close the Command Prompt and then you can sign in TONY with the new password.


No. 3: Use Super Administrator to Reset Dell Laptop Password Windows 7 in Safe Mode.

When you installed Windows 7 system on your Dell laptop, a built-in administrator account was created with blank password and disabled by default. Users cannot sign in it in common mode, but we can use it in Windows 7 Safe Mode. If you never created a password for the built-in administrator, just to boot Windows 7 in Safe Mode and then use it to reset any other user account’s password.

1. Start your Dell laptop and press F8 to open “Advanced Boot Options” for Windows 7. Use arrow keys to highlight “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and then press Enter to boot.

2. Once Windows 7 welcome screen appears, click “administrator” to login without password.

3. Command Prompt with administrative privileges will be opened. Now you can reset Dell Windows 7 admin password by using a simple command. Type “net user dave 123456” and hit Enter to reset dave’s password to 123456. Restart your laptop and then you can log on Windows 7 with the new password.

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